MANILA 马尼拉北港空运代理公司

Company’s vision is to build one of the best managed companies in Bangladesh based on international business standards with special attention to social responsibility, worker welfare and safety.

Management is the single biggest challenge for Bangladesh companies. Typically the companies, headed by outstanding entrepreneurs, cannot reach their full potential because of lack of managers. Those that grow large often rely on imported foreign managers. Crystal’s strongly believes in developing its own Bangladesh management team and is constantly training new and effective managers hired form the local universities. They are then trained in the latest management disciplines and techniques. Here Crystal takes advantage of the expertise of its New York based affiliated company, Ashford Finance LLC.Interport Maritime Ltd.

In its capacity as a correspondent for a number of the International Group P & I Clubs, Interport Maritime Limited (IML) assists with claims or problems, which may be of concern to the P & I Clubs and their Members. These include providing assistance to both shipowners and charterers, who may find themselves nvolved in P & I claim and /or defense cases. Claims handling staff at Interport Maritime Ltd. (IML) Chittagong come from a variety of backgrounds including Seafarer, Surveyor, P & I Correspondent and Lawyers. Interport Maritime Ltd. (IML) also has a "Loss Prevention & Survey" department whose core activity is concerned with the inspection of ships and cargo both for loss prevention and for determining the cause, nature and extent of damage if any following an accident.

为客户提供各种一站式的服务,包括:出口物流、仓储 、分拨、空运、海运代理、报关代理和拖车服务