#Special cargo★CALCUTTA 加尔各答Overseas国际物流

# Provisions and store supply (all IMPA and ISSA)
# Spare parts supply
# Safety item supply
# Publications/BA Charts
# Testing and Certification
# Repair, servicing or replacement
# Bunker supply, Sludge disposal
# Cleaning and washing
We understand the high expenses of vessel delays which made our delivery urgent.
★The container booking agent designated by many shipping companies enjoys the cabin and price advantage.

★ Special cargo transportation services such as refrigeration and dangerous goods and ro-ro ship service.

★Overseas large-scale engineering projects, large-scale bulk cargo international chartering, booking advantages.

★ Large cargo yard services and port service capabilities at major domestic ports.

★ Domestic cargo transportation of bulk cargo ships along the Yangtze River.

为客户提供各种一站式的服务,包括:出口物流、仓储 、分拨、空运、海运代理、报关代理和拖车服务